Monday, December 18, 2017


By Mary Kennedy                                     

Okay, in an ideal world,  you've probably already bought all your Christmas gifts for this year. But I have some great ideas for a few last-minute presents that are "outside the box."

1. Everybody has a "senior" on their list.  Have you thought about giving them a lifetime pass to our National Parks? It's a wonderful idea and everyone over 62 can use it. They'll think of you every time they visit one of our terrific national parks. It's $80.00 but it literally "lasts a lifetime."

2. Buy someone a plane ticket using your air miles. You can book a ticket in the gift recipient's name for a specific flight using your mileage account. Think how excited they will be to get a plane ticket to a fabulous destination!  And if you book the flight in their name, you can get around the transfer fees.                             

3. Give the gift of time. Make their life easier! There are loads of possibilities. Give someone free lawn service for the summer or snow removal for the winter.

4. A home-made gift is always welcome.  Someone was kind enough to give me a lovely jar of home-made Swedish pecans and she even included the recipe.  The time and energy she put into it really made it special and they were delish.


5. Here's one that will take a bit of planning, but you can start working on it now for next year. Ask your recipient to send you 12 jpgs of their pets, their friends, their party photos--anything. You can send the 12 jpgs (with captions) to a company that will make them into a calendar for about $20.00. I have done this with friends who love animals and they are so happy to see their beloved pet in a treasured calendar.                   

Hope you try one of these fun gift ideas!! 

Mary Kennedy

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