Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Board you or not so much.

During the holidays our family like most spend more time together. We do the usual talking etc but we also play games. We drag out the board games more at Christmas than the other season.

Believe it or not we play Murder She Wrote. Yeah, there really is such a game and it’s not too bad. We also drag out Clue at some point and if there’s a crowd we do this thing called Tripoli. 

It’s so much fun for six or seven. It’s a board and cards and moves fast. I’ve been playing Tripoli since I was about eight with my parents and aunts and uncles and now I play with my own family.

This year I bought a new game that got a lot of good reviews,
The Castles of Burgundy. If it falls flat we can always play our old standby gin rummy.

This brings up the idea of cards? Do you still play cards? Canasta? Poker? Bridge? Hearts? What is your favorite card game? Do you have a group you play with?

I did Bridge for a bit but unless you really want to concentrate on the game you can really tick off your partner when you trump his ace.

So are you a gamer? Board games that is or cards. Or do you do all your gaming online these days?

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