Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Center of it All

Hi, Everyone, Duffy Brown here. Thanksgiving is the best holiday ever. We all get together and the only drama is who makes the best dressing and don’t burn the house down if you deep-fry

the turkey.

All week and more I’ve been talking Thanksgiving dinner over on FB. How to fix the turkey, what kind of dressing, who makes the best veggies or do you just carb it up and forget the veggies for one day. And of course the pie.

But what about the table itself? Do you have special holiday dishes? A special centerpiece. Maybe something handed down through generations or that used to belong to your mom that you set on the table?

Here are a few really simple centerpieces if you have time. Go out in the yard and find some pinecones and greenery and that works good too plus it’s from your own house making it more special.

Have an amazing Thanksgiving.

Hugs and hugs, Duffy

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