Saturday, November 25, 2017


When I told Vera Mae that I wanted to feature her in a Cozy Chicks "Spotlight" feature, she said, "Well, that's fine and dandy, girl. I'll do the talkin' and you do the typin.'"

Vera Mae, as fans of the Talk Radio Mysteries know, is the wisecracking producer at WYME-Radio in sunny south Florida. She produces Maggie's "On the Couch with Dr. Maggie" talk show and serves as a confidante and fellow sleuth. Together, they've solved murders in 4 books and more are on the way!

Come to think of it, Vera Mae is probably the best friend Maggie Walsh has in Cypress Grove. When she moved here from Manhattan she was a little taken aback by some of Vera Mae's eccentricities.

For one thing, Vera Mae refuses to change her Marge Simpson hair-do.


As Vera Mae says, "the higher the hair-do. the closer to God." 
Vera Mae is also known for her colorful array of T-shirts. 

When Maggie first met her, she was wearing one that said, "If this is tourist season, why can't we shoot them?" She's lived in Cypress Grove all her life, has a heart of gold, and a lot of eccentricities.
As she always tells Maggie, "You don't have to be crazy to work at WYME-Radio, but it helps." 

Recently, she and Maggie attended a classy fundraiser at a south Florida mansion. It was a perfect south Florida night; a lovely estate, live music, champagne-and of course, a dead body!


Vera Mae suggests that you watch a really fun video about A Deadly Fundraiser right here! 

Vera Mae's keen insights into people have come in handy when Maggie finds herself in the midst of a murder investigation (which happens quite frequently!). As Vera Mae says, murders find they way to Dr. Maggie like "white on rice."

If you'd like to read some of Dr. Maggie's exploits with Vera Mae, be sure to check out the first book in the series, DEAD AIR, and the latest book in the series, A DEADLY FUNDRAISER, 

Happy reading, ya'll and stay tuned!!

Mary Kennedy


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