Thursday, November 2, 2017


by Karen Rose Smith

I'm so excited to announce my new release to you. SLAY BELLS RING, my seventh Caprice De Luca Home Staging mystery is a holiday cozy. It is available in print and ebook. I hope I have captured the warmth of the holidays and multi-faceted characters, as well as sentiments of the season.

The Santa cabin in SLAY BELLS RING is based on the cabin in Hanover, PA where both my husband and son visited Santa when they were children.

The Merriweather's house that Caprice stages looks something like this! 

The dog in SLAY BELLS RING plays an important role. His name is BLITZ and he's a white Malamute.


Christopher and Sara Merriweather have the perfect life.  They are selling their beautiful historic home that Caprice De Luca stages with the theme Christmas Delight. They plan to downsize.  Their grown children are in the vicinity and their craft shop is doing well.  Blitz, the white Malamute Chris rescued, is always by his side.  A Vietnam veteran, Chris has come to terms with his PTSD and even plays Santa Claus.  When he is murdered at the sleigh on Santa Lane not far from Santa's cabin, everyone is shocked.  (Blitz may have seen the murderer.)  As Caprice delves into the Merriweathers' lives, she discovers more than one secret. 

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