Thursday, November 16, 2017

House Beautiful or House With Kittens

by Karen Rose Smith

When we adopted two rescue kittens this summer--Zander and Freya, we thought we knew what we were in for.  A few years ago, we had taken in a pregnant feline, nursed her through pregnancy and found fur-ever homes for two of her three kittens and we kept one along with her.  However, every kitten has a unique personality.

Thank goodness we don't have an open concept house.  We have rooms with doors where we can corral kittens for a day or night or even weeks.  We have six inside felines now and one of them, our senior London who is blind, has to be separated from the rest. 

When we brought the kittens home, they were only a pound.  We decided on two so they'd have each other to play and keep company with.  I kept them in an upstairs bedroom for two weeks.  The first week I spent each day with them so they'd bond with me.  My husband stayed there at night.  After two weeks, we allowed them downstairs in one room so they could get the lay of the land.  But as soon as Zander was able to climb a tall screen, we extended their daytime area to the downstairs, though at night, they still stayed in the upstairs bedroom.

Now they have full run of the house most of the time, barring closed doors to feed separately or to give older cats a respite at night.  Kittens run EVERYWHERE.  They play with EVERYTHING.  Two can get into more trouble than one.

We decided long ago that we'd do our best to train the cats to scratch on scratching posts and learn the word "no."  But kittens and cats will be who they are.  It's either House Beautiful or a House With Kittens. Kittens and even adult felines who play result in turned up throw rugs, pillows flying to the floor, toys--here, there and everywhere.  But that is also the joy of having kittens in the house to make us smile, laugh, and saw "Awwww" several times a day.

Kittens or a pristine house?  I choose kittens. 

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