Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Foreign or out much to be thankful for and when you get to my age you realize just how lucky you are. I honestly think that I am probably in the 1% happiest people alive.

When I travel abroad friends ask me, Aren’t you afraid? Look at the world! You can’t possibly really think about going to London? Greece? Are you out of your mind!

Big airports are a target, crowds are a target, with all the unrest anything can blow up.
I’m not making this up, so many of my friends when I ask are you planning a trip and they say, Just not outside US.

I always say, Hey, If I get blown to smithereens somewhere just think what a great story it would make.  “Nana, wasn’t she the one who bit the big one on her way to ride camels in Egypt and visit the pyramids?”

I know that’s a little flippant but I’m a woman on my own, no one depends on me so my life is truly my life. Traveling abroad is fantastic. I have a friend, a fellow writer, and the one criteria we use when planning a trip is...they can’t speak our language.

We are after adventure! Granted we travel a lot with Viking Cruises and they take care of so, so much but it is travel outside the US and Mary and I always take extra days to be on out own, a true adventure for sure.

So what about you? I’m sure you have tons and tons to be thankful for. Even if this year was the year from hell in some ways, there is always something, some way, you were blessed.

When my husband died it was truly hell on earth but the thing that I was thankful for was that that death made me and my children
closer still and we NEVER take each other for granted. It drove home in the most profound way that you do not take each other for granted and you must live life to the full.

So after all my ramblings here, my question to you on this Thanksgiving, the most traveled holiday of the year, how likely are you to travel overseas if you had the chance?

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