Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Leggings Revolution

by Karen Rose Smith

Leggings have been in style on and off since the early 90s. Back then, they came in bright colors and had stirrups. A friend of mine recently introduced me to leggings once more because they were so soft, stretchy and comfortable.

I hadn't worn pantyhose for years. Slacks had become the staple in my closet. But recently I found leggings to fit that work with very long tunics and they are so much more comfortable than pantyhose.

I love color and mixing and matching tones and textures. Often I'll wear a long vest on top of the tunic to complement the leggings.

Leggings aren't just for teenagers anymore. They look good with sneakers, flats and even heels.

Since I prefer color and comfort, leggings will be a huge part of my wardrobe this year.

Are you part of the leggings revolution? 

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