Thursday, October 19, 2017

Re-purposing Vintage Glassware

by Karen Rose Smith

I have always been fascinated by glassware.  Back in the day, brides registered patterns for glassware that wedding guests could give as gifts.  My mom had a hutch with her glassware and I have that hutch in my dining room.  As a young bride, I managed to purchase Princess House glassware by having home parties.  We still use it when guests come for dinner.  As a young couple with a small budget, we perused flea markets for bargains...and glassware.  I found my first piece of pink depression glass that way.

There is another use for vintage glassware.  I first glimpsed it but didn’t know where to find it when we visited a bed and breakfast in Flagstaff, Arizona.  This was a beautiful lawn ornament. 

I forgot about re-purposed old glassware until I discovered my sister-in-law was creating several designs with it.  First she made me a bird bath with a teapot!  We next added a bird feeder to our collection.  

Next came “cute” items like the turtles and the flower.

Lastly, we added her newest piece, a solar lantern. 

Looking out the window and seeing sunlight glinting off the glass in the winter or summer, is another way to add sparkle to your day.

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