Tuesday, October 10, 2017


by Maggie Sefton

Nancy, Diane, and another old friend from the neighborhood, Margie.

Mary's post on Monday inspired my post today.  All of you Cozy Chicks Readers and
Friends have heard me talk about my dear childhood friends that I grew up with in Arlington, Virginia from early childhood.  I was six, Nancy was 5, and Diane was 4 when my Mom, my Grandmother, and I moved into our modest little 1913 house in north Arlington.  Nancy and Diane lived diagonally across the the street on the corner of Barton Street and 9th Street.  I was two houses from corner on Barton.   That modest neighborhood had affordably priced homes that women like my mother and Nancy/Diane's mother could afford to buy.

Both our mothers were Single Divorced Working Moms in what I refer to as the "Ozzie and Harriet World" of the mid to late 1950's.  If  that Ozzie/Harriet reference means nothing to you, that means you're young, so you'll have to look it up on Google.  :)  Back in those days, those older homes were affordable and priced below $100,000 in those days.  Now-----whooo boy-----those houses are over $800,000.  Location, location, location.  Three blocks away was a major thoroughfare which led past the Iwo Jima monument to a point where you can choose to cross the Potomac River over three  separate bridges into Washington, D.C.  Different strategic points.  Location, location, location.

Since Nancy and Diane had a corner yard, all of us chose to play in their yard.  Those were wonderful childhood memories that we always find ourselves remembering when we're together.

Thank goodness those opportunities to visit have increased over the years.  I hope to be there in Northern VA during the Thanksgiving period.  Also, two of my daughters live in Northern Virginia and three of my four grandchildren,  so it's a great time to see family.   Here's a photo I found, the quality isn't good, but it's fairly recent.  Taken at daughter Serena's bridal shower a few years ago.

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