Thursday, October 5, 2017

Kitty photos

by Karen Rose Smith

I thought we could all use something cute to help us cope with the world around us.  We adopted two kittens and, as many of you know, rescuing and caring for cats through winter is a mission for me.  We have shelters in our yard with heat pads to save ferals who might not have homes.  These are a few pictures that might bring a balm to your heart.

When the world around me gets tough, I turn off the news and spend more time caring for our six inside felines and three strays who linger around our yard.

Bonnie and Clyde, our part time resident strays

These two adorable kittens who are now three months old, keep me grounded and provide the smiles I need in difficult times.  A friend found six under her mom's porch.  I never imagined we'd have six cats, but these two seemed to beg my husband and I to take them home.  All of the others are in fur-ever homes too.

Zander and Freya

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