Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bikes and Kites

Hi, Evie Bloomfield here and it’s fall on Mackinac Island and totally gorgeous with all the leaves changing colors and the Bikes and Kite festival in full swing. Not only are people coming from all over to the island riding bikes and renting them from Rudy’s Rides but now I have kites to sell. 

Kites are a big draw on Mackinac‘cause it’s so easy to fly them off the shore. There’s always a lake breeze and all you have to do is hold the kite up and it’s airborne.

This is great fun and Fudge Island...called this because nearly ten tons of fudge are sold here each year...looks forward to this last big event. Except this year could be different, way different.
You see, Fiona...the local newspaper editor...and I found this dead guy on the pier. Not nearly as much fun as flying a kite off the pier I can tell you that.

At first we couldn’t decide if he was dead or dead drunk. He had a wine bottle clutched in his hands. But since he was staring up at us with cold vacant eyes, the dead drunk possibility was off the table.
But what is a dead guy doing on the pier? How did he get here and what can we do to hide the body. We have to hide the body or our great Bikes and Kites event will be a huge flop. No one will come to the island if news of the dead guy gets out.

So what is your fave fall event? Is there a fall festival you always go to? I bet there aren’t any dead bodies waiting for you, least I hope not

Hugs from Evie
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