Saturday, September 23, 2017


By Mary Kennedy                              

Writing as Dr. Maggie Walsh

As a psychologist, I should know that life is full of surprises. When I closed up my Manhattan practice and moved to sunny south Florida to host a radio talk show, I took a leap of faith.  It all came about quite by chance. I read an ad posted by the manager of WYME Radio, who was looking for a day time talk show host. I auditioned, got the job and found a really cool "hacienda-style" condo. Luckily, I made a killing on my Manhattan apartment to pay for it!

But I was in for another surprise right off the bat.  One of my first guests, a self-styled guru, was murdered right after he appeared on my show.  And worst of all, my dear roommate Lark was a suspect. So I had to leap in and try to solve the crime, didn’t I? You can read about the guru and his untimely demise in DEAD AIR. You can see the cover above.
Another surprise: I found I had a knack for solving murders!  When my mother (a wanna-be actress) landed a bit part in a film being shot in south Florida, a movie star was killed on the set. Once again, Mom and I, along with my handsome detective boyfriend, Rafe Martino, leapt into action to find the murderer. This happened in REEL MURDER.

When a clever psychic came to town, she developed quite a following and tried to hijack my radio show.  I had to solve the murder and save my job—no easy task.  You can read all about the outcome in STAY TUNED FOR MURDER.
Finally, a glitzy fundraiser at a south Florida mansion sounded like fun. I never expected to stumble over a dead body. Luckily Mom and my producer, Vera Mae, were there to help me look for the killer.         


And my trusty dog, Pugsley, has been at my side, every step of the way.  I couldn't do it without him, and he saved my life in one book!

So it’s been a surprising and wonderful journey with many more books to come! Hope you enjoy the Talk Radio series as much as I enjoy writing it.

Bio: Mary Kennedy is a practicing psychologist and the author of the Talk Radio Mysteries and the Dream Club Mysteries. She's written nearly 50 novels, including both mysteries and young adult fiction and has sold over four million books worldwide. Mary lives with her husband and six neurotic cats in the northeast. She has tried unsuccessfully to psychoanalyze both husband and cats, but she remains optimistic.You can visit her at or right here at the Cozy Chicks where she blogs every Monday.

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