Thursday, September 7, 2017

Shopping At Antique Malls

by Karen Rose Smith

I never thought I'd appreciate antiques, but I do.  After my mom died, my husband and I moved her dining room suite to our house.  I had been bringing pieces home little by little but I wanted a whole room where I could recall memories.  That led to bringing home a cedar chest and other furniture.  That's when I became interested in antiques.

I like to decorate and use unique dishware, glassware, vases and cookie jars.  I collect tea pots--which has come in handy for my new series starting in January--Daisy's Tea Garden Cozy Mysteries.  Making tea in those antique pots is comforting on a cold day.  I especially enjoy sharing it with friends.

We have three antique shops here in Hanover, Pennsylvania--Yesteryear Antique Center, The Black Rose Antique Mart and Finders' Keepers.  Finders' Keepers is a consignment shop, the other two are consist of artisans booths.  Yesteryear has a small cafe that serves delicious food.  Twice a year the restaurant sponsors an afternoon tea service there.

When I'm feeling nostalgic or I want to replace glassware or a Corningware Casserole, I stop at one of these shops.  Oldies but Goodies play on the loud speaker in the background as items in booths bring back memories from my childhood and teenage years.

I can get lost in these antique shops and the past as I peruse old books, look for Fenton cats--I collect those--and appreciate the craftsmanship of years gone by.

In my Caprice De Luca Home Staging cozy mystery series, I describe an antique shop in the town of Kismet called Older and Better.  Whenever I need to fill that shop with new merchandise and search for a particular decorating item my sleuth wants to use, I use that as an excuse to visit one of our antique stores and poke into the past.

Do you have antique shops in your area?

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