Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Movie Time

by Maggie Sefton

Today I thought I'd update you folks on a couple of the biggest of the new hit movies
that have shown up in your local cinema.  These two movies had the biggest attendance this summer, which is always a good thing for moviemakers because they depend on summertime profits from hit movies.  Here are the two biggest:

WONDER WOMAN----This movie is based on the profitable and popular Marvel comic book inventory.  The movie is interesting in that it spends enough time at the beginning on how the character who is known as Wonder Woman came into being.  An unknown and hidden-from-view island inhabited solely by Amazon women.  They are all fantastic fighters and have superior powers.  But the young woman who becomes Wonder Woman feels a need to protect human beings.  Consequently, she leaves the island---knowing she can never return---and joins a soldier from World War I in the fight against the Kaiser's Germany.  Lots of action, folks.  :)  And the story is surprisingly interesting as presented.

DUNKIRK----This movie treats that dramatic and deadly event when British and French soldiers in World War II were stranded on the beaches in France, trying to get across the English Channel to England.  They were completely exposed----sitting ducks.  The German Air Force started bombing them and the larger ships coming to evacuate them.  Those rescue ships sank.  The British Air Force fought off several of the German fighter planes, but the soldiers were still stranded.  Fortunately, British civilians who had boats of all kinds took to the waters and sailed across the Channel, sometimes dodging German fighter planes strafing.  Eventually this huge "Flotilla" of small boats appeared to load up the British and French soldiers who survived so they could safely return to the English Coast.  Most of those soldiers would see a great deal more of the War Zone in the future.   Dramatic action to say the least.  

Have you seen any of these movies?  Let me know on the Cozy Chicks Facebook page in a comment.  The Cozy Chicks Blog comment function is acting up right now.  So, check the CC Facebook page.  Enjoy!

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