Wednesday, August 30, 2017

When Pizza isn’t Pizza...IMHO!

I love pizza! My butt and bulging gut says Do Not Do but once in a while what the heck. And I usually order the same thing...pepperoni or if I’m feeling really adventuresome I’ll do sausage and mushroom.

But now my kids say I’m totally boring. Try something new they say. So I looked into the kinds of pizza out there and wow! There are a ton of different kinds.

The newest thing out there is cauliflower crust. I’m serious. Yep cauliflower. It has the same topping but the crust is veggie. I’m a cauliflower lover so this might allow me to eat more pizza. It has to be lower in calories, right?

And we have breakfast pizza. Bacon, sausage, scrambles, cheddar, sprinkle of hash browns.

There’s mac and cheese pizza doesn’t have enough calories on its own! And sushi pizza with rice crust, sashimi, scallions, spicy mayo.

And what about a Maltese with potato, tomato, anchovies and olives. The Hawaiian with ham and pineapple, the tuna with corn, red onions and cheddar, the smoked salmon pizza with caviar, red onions and dill, and the baked ziti with mozzarella and ricotta.

So what do you think? 

Are you ready to try some of these? Anyone look particularly good? Or horrid? Or are you back at pepperoni and cheese with me.

Hugs, Duffy

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