Saturday, August 26, 2017


   By Mary Kennedy                                


Hi everyone, this is Lola Walsh from the Talk Radio Mysteries.  I'm borrowing Mary's blog today, because I have a lot to tell you. Yes, I know everyone's happy that Dr. Maggie (my daughter) is back in town with this new novella (A DEADLY FUNDRAISER), but what about me?

It's one thing to solve a murder in every book.
And let's face it, we've been pretty good at it. I helped Maggie solve the murder of a guru in DEAD AIR. Guru Sanjay was one of her first guests on her radio show, and the guy was killed that same night!! It didn't look good for her sweet roommate, Lark. Yes, you and I know Lark wouldn't harm a fly, but the police didn't.
And then I helped solve the murder of an actress in REEL MURDER. And I was there to help out when a phony psychic came to town and tried to steal Dr. Maggie's job at WYME.  (STAY TUNED FOR MURDER)
So I've been a good sport about all this. But my real job isn't crime-solving, you know. I'm an actress, still waiting for my big break. And true confession time, it's not easy for a woman "of a certain age" to get a job in Hollywood these days. So I'm happy I moved to south Florida. The film business in Miami and South Beach is booming; it's called Hollywood East because so many producers love to film here.           
So I'm dutifully trotting along to auditions whenever I can take time out from "sleuthing" and watching my grand-dog, the adorable Pugsley. You probably remember him if you're a fan of the Talk Radio Mysteries. He appears in every book and is a little love bug.
I hope you'll give  A DEADLY FUNDRAISER a try. Maggie and I, along (along with Vera Mae, her producer at WYME radio) attend a glitzy fundraiser at a south Florida mansion. All is well until we stumble over-you guessed it--a body!
So I had to put my career on hold--once again--and jump into the fray.
Happy reading, and it's nice to be back in Cypress Grove!  If you're new to the series, you can jump right in with A DEADLY FUNDRAISER, a novella on sale as a pre-order right now for only $2.99. Release day is September 1.

Have a great week-end!!


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