Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Pet Hacks...the good kind

Hi, Everyone. Most of us have pets and it’s not all purring and snuggling. They have issues and here are a few ideas I ran across that just might help. 

I use the baking soda in the litter tray to keep odors down and my daughter always has an adorable bandana around Ginger’s neck to catch those pesky dribbles.

Electric cat: If your cat has static in her fur and gives you little shocks, take her into the bathroom with you when you shower. The steam will remove the static

Dribble Dog: Knot a bandana around your pup's neck to catch the drips

Oh those floor scratches: If little paws and claws are wrecking your wood floors, rub shelled walnut on the scratches; the oil helps hide the damage

Bad Dog: Your dog is more likely to behave badly when left home alone if he or she is bored. Any stimulating activity you can do with your pet before you leave will tire out their mind. When you leave, leave your dog with something to do! Whether turning on a TV will stimulate them with sights and sounds, or stuffing a rubber toy with their favorite treat, your dog will appreciate an activity while you’re away.

Bad Breath: Putting parsley in pet food will instantly freshen your dog's mouth, but you still need to "brush your dog's teeth. 


Thunderstorm help: Rubbing your dog with uncented dryer sheets during thunderstorms minimize the effect of static electricity and help keep your dog calm.

Is it too hot to walk: Try out this simple test to see if pavement is too hot for your pup: Put your hands on the pavement for a few seconds; if the pavement is too hot for your feet, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws. 

Cold treats on hot days: Blend: 1 32 oz. container yogurt 1/2 cup peanut butter 2 bananas Freeze in ice cube tray. And remember to make some for yourself too. Yummmm.

Litter smells…yuck: Add baking soda to the bottom of the litter box to keep odors at bay

For long-haired dogs: try those made-for-humans Tangle Teezer things. They’re great!

Do you have any tricks that make owning a pet easier? 

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