Thursday, August 10, 2017

Meet Zander and Freya, Our New Feline Rescues

by Karen Rose Smith

We never expected to enlarge our feline family.  Really.  We already had four inside cats, Halo, Paddy, Zoie and London, and two strays--Bonnie and Clyde--who want their independence.  They come into the basement for shelter and safety at night.  I can pet Clyde while he's eating but not Bonnie. They're still easily spooked after 2 years.


At the start of our marriage 46 years ago we adopted one cat and then added another.  They were our companions for 17 years.  For many years after that, we were cat parents to 1 cat who had thyroid disease, Kasie. However, I found a kitten on a friend's farm who was sick.  I instantly bonded with her. We brought Ebbie home and when we lost Kasie a few months later, we adopted Ebbie's half sister, London. 

That was it, we thought.  After all, we were getting older. But after my husband retired from teaching, we found a kitten in our back yard and named her Zoie Joy.  Then a pregnant stray made her way to us.  We nursed Halo through pregnancy and delivery of 3 kittens. We found homes for 2 but included Halo and her first born, Paddy, into our family.  I unexpectedly lost Ebbie my soulmate cat to heart disease during that time. 
Bonnie and Clyde

For three years, the four--London, Zoie, Halo and Paddy were it.  London is kept separated from the others because she is blind (stage 3 kidney disease.). 

Then, however, a few weeks ago a dear friend rescued six kittens from under a porch.  They were about a month old.  My husband knew it would be a mistake to go visit them.  Depending on how you look at it, he was right.  It's not easy to find homes for kittens.  I fell in love with a black puffball and we decided after she'd spent more time with her siblings we'd take her home.  We've always adopted females.  Nevertheless, my friend was having trouble finding homes for the last three.  On our second visit, my husband held a cute little grey and white puffball who was male. The black one and he were a bonded pair.  Over the years I've learned 2 cats are better than one. They play, have less anxiety when we're away, and just seem more content. 

So....a week ago we brought home Zander, grey and white, and Freya who is all black.  During the last year, I decided my husband and I need to make new memories that bring us joy.  It's easy to return to nostalgia, to the years when our son was small and wish the past was in the present.  Although kittens take energy and work--these babies didn't know how to eat from a dish--they bring us laughter and joy everyday.  We already love them dearly.  

Zander and Freya

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