Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Florida Conference. . .Hot, Hot, Hot!

by Maggie Sefton

I just returned to Northern Virginia (Dulles Airport) from the huge RWA Conference
which was held in Orlando, Florida, this year.  The conference moves around the U.S. every year.  The RWA conference focuses on readers, so there were a lot of readers there, and I do mean a LOT.  Nearly 3000.  Naturally, writers of all kinds of fiction show up for this yearly event which is always held in  July.  July 26 through 29 this year.  In the midst of Summer.  In Orlando, Florida.  And in case you didn't know. . .Orlando, Florida is in the middle of Florida.  Not near any of those beautiful Florida coasts.  Oh, No.  Orlando is smack dab in the middle of that peninsula.  No coastal breezes.  Nothing.  Nothing but Dead Hot Air.


That was my first response when I stepped out on my lovely conference hotel balcony.  The Walt Disney World Dolphin is a beautiful hotel with all the amenities anyone could want.   And I was fortunate to get a balcony.  So---Reality hit me upside the head the moment I stepped out on that nice balcony with chairs and table.  Beckoning me to sit outside and relax.   Ohhhhhh, yeah.

Whack!!!  Are you crazy? 

That sizzling Central Florida hot air sent me right back inside the air conditioned hotel room.  Well, darn, I thought to myself.  Good thing the RWA conference was right in that very hotel.  No need to go outside in the stifling heat.  Then---Reality reminded me of something else.  A month before,  I had bought tickets to visit Disney World while there.  I was going to  skip an entire day of conference sessions to visit the famous "Mouse House."  It had been many years ago when I last visited Disney World with my family.  

What were you thinking???  

Uh, oh.  I considered going to visit Mickey and the Gang plus Tomorrowland and Frontier Land and Adventure Land. . . . for about ten seconds.  Then, I chalked the idea up to the list of Bad Ideas I'd entertained over the years  and decided to see if I could turn in the ticket.  Well, Disney World doesn't credit you or refund you for tickets not used.  Instead,  the Disney World hotel office told me the tickets would be good until December 31, 2018.  Yes, that's next year.  So, I'll see what the future brings.  None of my family could come this summer.  Let's see about next year.  In cooler weather. :)

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