Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Best Saga Ever!

Okay, I’m a Game of Thrones fan. Yep, one of those crazies who watch the clock on Sunday night, get all comfy on the couch and turn on the TV at 9:00 and dive into the next episode to see what’s going on in the Seven Kingdoms of King’s Landing, Winterfell, Westros and the like. I don’t answer the phone or take a break of any kind even though it’s HBO and I can pause the action and rejoin later.

Yes, I’m truly addicted. Get all excited when I see the opening which is brilliant and just love watching. And the the music. Yep, I need therapy but best I can tell so do a lot of others out there.

I can’t remember any other show I’ve been this ga-ga over. I loved West Wing. Wouldn’t miss an episode no matter what but even that at the end got tiresome.

Not GOT! It ramps up the action, the steaks, the vulnerability of the characters. GOT this is no-holds-bared show. Main lovable
characters get killed off, fave pets get murdered, people suffer, good guys don’t always win. It’s a got a mission that’s going to get worse before it gets better and its great seeing how the characters adapt.

And so many of the characters are powerful women!! One of my fave parts! They don’t stand around blabbing about how their man did them wrong but they are the generals and leaders and are in charge of the battles and governing. They are the best! GOT is great for women’s image. Girl power on steroids!

And all this and I’m not a fantasy or Sifi fan at all. I mean this show has dragons and magic potions and priestesses and bad queens and all the things that make fantasy a great read for some but not me...except now. I’m all in on this one. Even a queen riding her dragon into battle is a thrill for someone who is not into dragons at all.

So my question to you is, is there...has there ever been...a TV show you were obsessed with? One you left a party early to go home and see even though you could get it on demand to see it later? A show where everyone knew not to bother mom or dad when their show was on? Have you ever been obsesses over a TV show the way I am with GOT?

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