Tuesday, July 25, 2017


by Maggie Sefton

A replica of one of the the historical ships in the Atlantic Ocean waters right off Virginia's Coast.  

As most of you regular Cozy Chicks Blog Readers and Friends

know, I grew up in Northern Virginia, Arlington to be exact, which is a stone's throw across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.  Or, "Back East" as I say to all my Colorado friends and neighbors.    Northern Va/DC/Suburban MD is a mere hour from the huge and gorgeous Chesapeake Bay, which leads right to the Atlantic Ocean.    And I'm still here in Northern VA, escaping that brutal Heat Wave last week by escaping from air conditioned hotel to air conditioned and comfy coffee shops where I kept writing on Kelly Flynn #16 (which will be released next year), to air conditioned cafes to enjoy delicious seafood.  

Ahhhhhhhh, Seafood.  How may I praise thee?  By eating everything in sight whenever I return Back East.  Shrimp,  Crab, Oysters, Scallops, Lobster.   Yum!  Yes, of course I can have seafood back in Colorado.  And I do.  So much fresh fish and seafood and caught earlier that day or the day before and flown right out to some of our great supermarkets like Sprouts.  Love Sprouts.  
That's me on the upper deck of a   small ship I was on during a visit to the River house one time.  It was a great day-long cruise out of Reedville, VA and sailed down to Tangier Island farther south off the Virginia coast. I absolutely LOVE being on the water.  :)  

But I am particularly partial to super fresh seafood.  If it wears a shell, wiggles or crawls in the ocean, or hides inside a closed shell that I have to pry open---I will eat it.  Some types like fresh oysters I will eat raw, even though I admit to liking a sprinkle of lemon or a quick dip in some yummy sauce.  Since I'm a Virginian I was used to having fresh seafood and fish (caught that day in the Chesapeake Bay or the Atlantic).  Trust me, folks.  You get spoiled to super fresh seafood.      

As a Virginian, I was also used to my mother or grandmother making fried oysters.  (I can hear the voice of my former husband now:       "Oh, the horror. . . .the horror." )    Yes, there ARE other delicious ways to enjoy oysters other than raw. folks.  Southern Fried Oysters are delicious.  And something else that's delicious is the super rich Oyster Stew my mother made.  Oh, my.  Was that yummy.  

Scallops are delicious just about any way you want to prepare them.  And one of the very best mussels dishes I ever tasted was years and years ago in Barcelona, Spain.  My goodness, were they delicious.  I've never been able to replicate that. 

Oh, and there's the lowly but delicious crawfish.  One of the best crawfish feasts I ever experienced was ages ago when our oldest daughter Christine was playing Volleyball as a freshman for LSU (Louisiana State University) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Serious Crawfish country.  They held a Crawfish cookout and all-you-can-eat feast to die for.  I can still see the table filled with piles of freshly cooked crawfish which didn't last long because all the players and coaches and parents and grandparents and all manner of relatives simply dug in and enjoyed.  That was something.  

Let's see. . .have I left anything out?  Ohhhh, of course.  Crab!  King Crab.  I absolutely love and adore Crab.  Hate to say it, but in my not-so-humble opinion Lobster is fine, but give me Crab any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  :)  And growing up an hour from the Chesapeake Bay, fresh Crab was there for our enjoyment.  YUM!!   (Have I made you hungry yet?)   

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