Monday, July 31, 2017


By Mary Kennedy                          
Do you feel nostalgic when you think of summer vacations? I've been thinking a lot about North Carolina, during these long, hot summer days in the northeast. We lived in Kinston, NC for ten years (if there are any Tarheels reading this, you know that Kinston is 90 minutes east of Raleigh and about 50 minutes from the coast.)
We used to take the kids to Nantahala for white water rafting. The scenery is beautiful...

    You get quite an adrenaline rush on the river...
And it's reasonably safe, if you're careful. Of course, some people actually enjoy falling in the water, but I'm not one of them.

We used to enjoy trips to Fontana. Again, the scenery is breathtaking, and the kids enjoyed taking a tour of the dam..
North Carolina has some terrific beaches. I was very lucky that Emerald Isle was less than an hour south of Kinston. It was fun to zip down there with a picnic lunch, take a quick swim and just enjoy ourselves. Here's a picture of the famous "sea grass" that keeps the dunes from eroding.
Much of the coastline wasn't built up back then, and we'd spread a blanket and pretend we had our own private beach.
When the kids were little, it was more convenient to stay in a house than a hotel. When we were in Powder Horn, NC, we'd rent a house with spectacular mountain views, like this one. No one for miles around (at least, the houses were designed to make you feel that way) and a huge deck. Perfect place for reading and relaxing, in between trips to local attractions and white water rafting. And that mountain air! You really do sleep better in the mountains.  Or maybe it was just sheer exhaustion from taking little kids on vacation.
When we were at the beach, we always rented. Not only is it more convenient with kids, but it saves money to rent a house or condo because you can have meals there. 

   It didn't have to be fancy, but it had to be right on the water.

How about you, do you sometimes long for vacations that are long gone by? I know I do! I think it's time for a trip back to North's a beautiful state and I miss it..

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