Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Home With Family

by Maggie Sefton

Daughter Christine and family at granddaughter Natale's high school graduation a little over a year ago.  

Hello, Everyone!  I'm still here in Northern Virginia visiting old friends and family presently in Vienna, Virginia, that lovely suburban area not that far from Washington, D.C. as well as the surrounding area.  Last week I was able to visit with youngest daughter Maria and her family and over the weekend I visited daughter Christine and family plus  daughter Melissa who is normally in Manhattan.   It's so great to be around everyone.

Daughters Maria and Melissa cooking last Christmas in my friend Diane's beautiful kitchen.  

Melissa is starting the process of actually moving from her Upper West Side, New York City apartment to Northern Virginia.  After fifteen years---yes, 15---of living in Manhattan and enjoying it, Melissa has begun to miss the opportunities to be with family more than than she was enjoying Manhattan.  We all change, don't we?  What we might have enjoyed doing fifteen or even ten years ago may no longer seem enjoyable anymore. . .or, not enjoyable enough to make up for missing the closeness of family.  

Astronaut daughter Serena preparing for  NASA underwater training a year or so ago.

Frankly, I willingly admit I love, love, LOVE being able to give my daughters and grandchildren real hugs whenever I return to visit my old hometown area of Northern Virginia.  Oh. . .and sons-in-law, too.  Don't want to forget them.  :)  I have GREAT sons-in-law.  Not bragging or anything.   

I started my visit on July 5th by staying with my dear childhood friends Diane and her husband Les in Vienna, Virginia.  Tons of memories are recounted, for sure.  Along with all the new and exciting things on everyone's horizons.  We all need new challenges, don't we?

I'm curious, Cozy Chicks Readers and Friends.  Are any of you living apart from most of your family or close friends?  

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