Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Some little perks

Everyone should treat themselves once in a while otherwise you’re just the mule pulling the wagon and where’s the fun in that? So my question today is, how do you treat yourself?

Are you the manicure gal? Some of my friends do this every two weeks. They really don’t consider it a perk so much as routine upkeep. It is important for them to have nice nails. I tried this once. Paid a lot of money for a nice manicure then went home and weeded the garden and washed the car.

 I am so not a manicure gal. I’m always digging and cleaning and even when I do the garden glove thing it’s no use, the dirt always finds its way into my gloves and gives me the ugly fingernail crud. So for me a manicure is a waste of money.

Maybe a perk is out to lunch with friends? This I totally get. Tomorrow I’m doing lunch with Tonya Kappes, definitely the highlight of my week. I love getting together with friends for lunch and chatting about books and writing. This is definitely a perk for me.

Shopping? Is that your little perk? I work
at the Snooty Fox so shopping is part of work and fun but I have to say I enjoy a little retail therapy for a break. When I’m tired I’ll go to Chico online and check out the new stuff they have coming in. A perk is a splurge on a new blouse or pants that is not from the consignment shop. I don’t do this often but once in a while is great fun.

What about a doughnut? Okay this seems like a small perk but sometimes I dream of doughnuts. Let me tell you, it is not easy getting old with no metabolism. So yes, a doughnut is a perk when you know its going right to your butt and staying there till you Zumba it off.

I’ve tossed out a few ideas of perks, so what is your perk? What do you do when you want to treat yourself?

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