Thursday, June 22, 2017

Roses, Roses...and Roses!!!

by Karen Rose Smith

I've had a long history with roses.  I can remember gardening with my grandmother whose name was Rosalie.  My grandparents lived in downtown York, Pennsylvania in a row house.  My grandfather had his barber shop there.  In summer I would spend more time with them.  My mom always said that the soil in my grandmother's little yard was the richest in York.  She could grow anything.  But what she loved the most were her roses.  I remember pruning a red climber with her as well as hybrid teas.

Love and Peace Rose
My mom probably inheirited her love of roses from my grandmother.  Growing up, we always had a few rose bushes planted in the yard.  She didn't have the green thumb my grandmother did because I remember them being replaced every few years.


My middle name came from my aunt, my godmother, whose name was Rose Marie.  I also think it originated in my family's love of roses.

McCartney Rose
 My mother-in-law had roses planted along every border of her house.  Tropicana was one of her favorites as well as Queen Elizabeth.  She spent summers tending to them in every way possible.  So it only made sense that my husband was familiar with them.  He knew one of my favorites was yellow.  The night he proposed, I'd finished a day of clerking at Montgomery Ward's.  When I went to my bedroom to change, a yellow rose lay on my bed with my engagement ring on the stem.  Yellow roses are special!

We have several gardens now and many of them contain roses.  The Knockout roses are show stoppers when they are in bloom with flowers all over the bush.  They are hardier than hybrid tea and heirloom roses and more disease resistant.  But I still favor hybrid tea roses, probably because they bring back memories.
Knockout Rose bush

Chrysler Imperial

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