Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Kelly Flynn Paperback

by Maggie Sefton

As I posted last week, Kelly Flynn Mystery #15---ONLY SKEIN DEEP---was released into bookstores and all E-book retail outlets---Amazon, B&N.com, and others.  This Tuesday I want to mention that a new Kelly Flynn paperback has also been released----KNIT TO BE TIED---which was the hardcover release last year in June 2016.

I know that many, many Kelly Flynn mystery readers and fans wait for the paperback release to keep up with the adventures of Kelly and her friends---a.k.a., The Gang.     We writers are well aware that our readers read a LOT of mysteries and the bill for hardcover books can get sizable.  We certainly don't want to create an economic hardship for any reader or fan.  So----I'm very, very happy to announce the paperback release of KNIT TO BE TIED, which should be in bookstores and available online now as well.  However you choose to read about Kelly and The Gang, I hope Everyone enjoys Kelly and The Gang's adventures.   Enjoy, folks!   :)

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