Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Sheep-y Saturday

by Maggie Sefton

This past Saturday I drove up to that beautiful mountain town, Estes Park, just an hour from Fort Collins where the Wool Market was held in the Fairgrounds Exhibition hall.

I was signing Kelly Flynn Mystery books for the Lambspun fiber shop that had a large booth at the Exhibition hall.  I've done this for years and enjoy it immensely mainly because I love meeting and talking with people.  So, it was lots of fun.   Also, the mountain town of Estes Park is a wonderfully scenic spot to visit.  The entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park is there as well.

Right across from the Exhibition hall where all the vendors booths were you found the Livestock barns.  There are more than one livestock barn, but the one I visited was my favorite.  That barn held all the different breeds of sheep.

I love the faces of sheep.  Some will look you straight in the eye.  Maybe they're wondering if I'm friendly or not.  I most definitely am.  :)  

So, today I'm sharing several of the sheep photos I took while there.  So many different breeds.  And some of those sheep were camera hogs.  :)

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