Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What will they take next??

I think this blog comes from going to the bank today and finding the bank teller windows...CLOSED. Yes, boarded up out of commission. No teller to take my deposit, give me money, tell me how much is in my checking account because I never have a clue. I suck at bank stuff.

Well now it’s all online. To deposit you take a pic of your check with your iPhone and it automatically gets deposited. If you want cash you go to the machine. If you have a serious question there are humans in cubes that you can wait for.

I hate this! I want my teller back. And I still want the guy/gal at the check out counter at the grocery to scan my groceries when I have a big order. I hate the u-scan checkouts!! But I’ve said this before so I’m sounding like a broken record.

And I am still one of those dinosaurs who write checks to pay my phone bill, water, electric, Am Ex card etc. There’s a reason for’s easy for me to keep track when tax time comes and I can see who I paid what to. And then there’s the thing that if they lose my payment I can say I paid on a specific date with check # blah, blah, blah.

You think this doesn’t happen? Well it does. The beloved state of Ohio LOST a whole year of my estimated tax payments. Okay, I get losing one check but how the heck do they lose a whole blasted year paid at four different times?? And then I had to go back, get the check # I paid with get copies from the bank and send the State of Ohio copies of the checks.

How the heck would I have done that if I didn’t use checks??? I have no idea.

So is there something that they are taking away from you that you are pulling your hair out over? The teller thing? The grocery check out thing? Signing in at the little med mart to see one of those physician assistants where there is no receptionist but you sign in on a computer? I want a receptionist! I want to tell someone I’m sick. I want a little sympathy here!

Hugs, Duffy

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