Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Big Cheat!

Okay, I have a confession...this year instead of buying a ton of annuals, planting for days and watering for evermore all summer long I did the unthinkable...I bought a ton of artificial flowers and filled my baskets with them!

No more watering and fertilizing or planning what amounts for lunch for the deer and insects...I’m done. They win! I’ve had it. As soon as I get done writing this blog I’m off to plant my artificial pots for the summer.

I know some of you are now throwing rocks at the computer and yelling Duffy, you fraud! But I’m just too tired to keep up with this. I have a half-acre full of trees, roses, hydrangeas, tall grasses, ferns etc and that is all I can manage.

Next week I’ll take pictures and post them and you can vote if you believe they are real or not.

So my question to you is...have you ever faked it? Put in an
artificial plant? Bought a pie or cake and passed it off as your own?

Hugs, Duffy

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