Friday, May 19, 2017

I'm juggling once again

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

There was a time when the only sales on my writing resume were short stories. I was learning how to structure a novel, but I needed some credibility so I could join Mystery Writers of America. Those short stories got me in. (And then after a few years I left when it became obvious to me that what I was writing wasn't being taken seriously. Now...I don't give a damn. Just goes to show you how things you once thought were important don't always stay that way....)

When I wrote my first Jeff Resnick novel, I had wayyyy too many ideas that couldn't be contained in that one book. So I started writing a second ... then a third .... then a fourth. It took me 11 years to sell Murder on the Mind (which, by the way, is FREE for all ebook formats), and during that time I kept cranking out short stories and began work on what became the Victoria Square Mysteries. I was juggling projects like crazy, all while doing volunteer work for two different writing groups, having a booth at an antique co-op, and a full-time job.

I kept writing and writing (and hopefully getting better at it) and juggling projects like crazy.

After a very dry period (January through April, where I only wrote 7000 or so words), I feel like I'm juggling once again--and you know what? I LOVE it!

I'm currently working on three novels: Booktown #12 (Poisoned Pages--yes, that's the title and you heard it first right here), Lotus Bay (novel) #2, and Victoria Square #5 (with Gayle Trent). Collaborating isn't always fun, but so far Gayle and I are doing well and we're actually ahead of schedule. I wasn't going to start Booktown #12 until June, but Tricia seems to be in a hurry to get going, and Tori and Kathy were getting impatient, too.

Meanwhile, I've got finished books that need launch attention.  The paperback edition of TITLE WAVE comes out on June 6th, the hardcover edition of A JUST CLAUSE on June 13th, and the 2nd Life on Victoria Square, A BASKET FULL OF BARGAINS, arrives on July 11th.

Wow, not only am I juggling like crazy, I'm trying to keep all those plates spinning on the end of sticks, too.

I can't wait for you to read what's coming next, and just as important ... I'm having FUN writing again.

Which project are you most looking forward to?

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