Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Going Back Home

by Maggie Sefton

As most of the Cozy Chicks faithful blog readers and fans know, I live in Fort Collins, Colorado.  But, I was born in Richmond, Virginia and grew up in Northern Virginia in Arlington---just a stone's throw across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.  Earlier this week, I flew in from Colorado to Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia, rented a car, then drove to my dear friend Diane's home in Vienna, Virginia (not far from Arlington).

Diane and her sister Nancy are my oldest childhood friends.  They lived across the street from my home.  Our neighborhood was in the older section of Arlington, not far from two major bridges across the Potomac into Washington---Francis Scott Key bridge which leads from Arlington into the  Georgetown area of Washington and Memorial Bridge which leads from Arlington to the Lincoln Memorial and The Mall with the Washington Monument.

Just this past week, Friday through Sunday, I attended the oldest mystery conference in the country (I think it's the oldest)----Malice Domestic.  It's always fun to attend this conference.  Not only do I get to re-connect with old author and reader friends, but I also get to meet new mystery authors as well as many, many readers.  
I also participated on a panel devoted to Cozy Mysteries.  

And, of course, one of the greatest things about visiting this area in the Spring is the glorious display of flowering Dogwood trees and blossoming azalea bushes.  I'll have more photos of those in next week's post.  I hope all of you are enjoying Springtime weather in your areas.  :)  

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