Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Camera or iPhone

I come from the era of the camera. You know those things that take pictures and do nothing else but take pictures. They don’t have a flashlight or a calendar or have iTunes. In fact my first camera was a thing called a Brownie camera. It was amazing and I still consider it one of my best presents ever!

It took good pictures but it was expensive to have the film developed and when you are babysitting for 50cents an hour getting pictures developed is not a priority.

My husband and I went to Europe when we were first married. I didn’t want an engagement ring but the trip instead. A good choice. The trip was great, a real adventure and memorable. My husband lugged a camera around his neck for three weeks taking a ton of pics that we turned into slides. I haven’t had them out in probably thirty years.

My daughter is a really good photographer. She has 5K camera
with lenses and tripod etc. She has the “eye” for really amazing shots. As my other daughter says… I can be standing right next to Ann, take the same picture and hers are always much better.
I have a point and shoot and have taken some good pics with it. Have some hanging on my wall of vacations and family etc. But it’s the subject matter that makes the pictures great not the excellent photography.

I was thinking of getting a new camera but realized my iPhone takes way better pictures than anything I was looking at in the new camera area. I don’t have an iPhone 7s (or whatever the upgrade is) but the pictures it takes are incredible!!!!!!

So, I’ve decided to just use my iPhone as a camera from here on out. No more camera that is just a camera for me. It’s light, I can share to instagram in a flash. And I already have it and don’t have to buy another new thing.

What about you? Do you use a camera that is just a camera? Use your iPhone? Do you have one of those iPhone 7 things that take great pics?

Hugs, Duffy 

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