Tuesday, May 9, 2017

At the Riverhouse. . .Again

by Maggie Sefton

Yes, Cozy Chicks readers and friends----Maggie's still Back East.  As I mentioned in
 last week's post, I attended the mystery conference Malice Domestic in Washington, DC last week and participated on a panel.  I visited with my old childhood friends, then I headed for the "River," as they say around here.

I acquired my old friends "Riverhouse" about four years ago and have been escaping there whenever I can.  Since there are not only conferences and writing groups around the Northern Virginia/DC/Suburban MD area, but old friends and family reside here as well, I have an opportunity to visit often.  And it's always so nice to see everyone.

I've noticed a funny thing that's happened as the years have flown by----these old friendships and close relationships have grown even deeper and even dearer to me than ever before.  Have you folks experienced that situation in your lives?  I'd be curious to hear if you have.

Meanwhile, I'm presently here at what I call the "Riverhouse."  An hour and half from the DC Metro Madness and Beltway.  Surrounded by woods and trees, just a block and half from the wide part of that mighty Potomac River, churning by.

Peaceful.  And believe me, that feels good.  :)   Where do you folks escape to when you want to find a peaceful spot?

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