Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Pets in my Cozy Mysteries

by Karen Rose Smith

When I began writing my Caprice De Luca Home Staging series, I knew I wanted to include pets in an important way.  So in addition to home staging, cooking, and visiting with her big Italian family, Caprice takes in stray pets and finds them homes.  A few of them she has kept.  Her pet family includes Sophia, a long haired calico.  She found Sophia (named after her Nana's favorite actress Sophia Loren) when she first moved into her house and considered her a "welcome to the neighborhood" present.  Shortly after she took in a little mixed breed-part Shih Tzu and part Pomeranian. But her best friend and Dylan--named after the singer--bonded and Roz became Dylan's mom.

In the second book in the series DEADLY DECOR, Caprice found a pregnant Cocker Spaniel.  After seeing her through her pregnancy and finding her rightful owner, Caprice kept one of the pups and made sure the others had good homes. Caprice's dog Lady is modeled after the Cocker I loved as a child. He was a present to my mom on my parents' anniversary.

Caprice's love interest, Grant Weatherford adopted a male from the litter and named him Patches.

In GILT BY ASSOCIATION, Caprice finds a grey tabby kitten and her Nana adopts her and names her Valentine. This kitten was modeled on our 16 year old London who we rescued from a farm.

In DRAPE EXPECTATIONS, Caprice finds herself very fond of a white Persian cat, Mirabelle, who has been living with the murder victim.  She adopts her and Lady and Sophia have to adjust to a new member of their household.

In SILENCE OF THE LAMPS, I tell a similar story to our own when we adopted Halo.  She was malnourished, pregnant, and decided she wanted to nest in our patio sun room.  After an emergency visit to the vet and finding out she was pregnant, we brought her in.  She lived in my office until she had her 3 babies.  They lived there with her until they were ready to be adopted.  We kept her and her first born, a tortoiseshell we named Miss Paddington.  In SILENCE OF THE LAMPS,  Caprice and her uncle trap Halo, take her to the vet and then Caprice finds her a home across the street from her house.

In SHADES OF WRATH, Caprice finds a yellow tabby cat at the crime scene.  He is modeled after a sweet stray I cared for for three years.  He just wouldn't be confined so we couldn't bring him in.  But he would let me hold him and pet him.  We lost him last year to FIV.  I dedicated this book to Sunnybud.

The seventh book in my Caprice series will be released in November 2017.  In SLAY BELLS RING, a white Malamute is a star player.  Blitz finds a home with Caprice's parents.

I hope you enjoy all of the antics with the pets in my series as well as the mysteries!

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