Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Root for the home team...or not or out.

Howdy, Duffy Brown here and it’s baseball time, the all American sport. 

In fact our baseball team here in Cincy, the Cincinnati Reds have their stadium as they all do and it’s called...the Great American Ballpark. It deserves it’s name. It sort of has an old fashion flavor to it though it’s totally modern when it comes to baseball with the big jumbo screen and whatever.

Did you catch the whatever? There in is my knowledge of the Cincinnati Reds. I can’t name one player, the manager, who owns the team, if the team is any good or has a shot at the playoffs. Is it called playoffs?

Then there’s our other pro team here in Cincy, the Bangles. Bangles are tigers but this is a football team. And that is all that I know about the Bangles. I couldn’t name one player if my life depended on it, I have no idea if the team is any good and if they have a shot at the playoffs.

I have friends who know everything about these teams? Who’s traded, who’s good, who’s bad. They wear the team colors, listen and watch the games live and die with winning or losing. I envy them. It’s fun to root for the home says so in the song. I just wish I cared. 

I guess I do care in that it’s good for the city image and brings tourists to town and gives people something to talk about but other than that I’m out plus I hate that we are taxed for stadiums that make a few people really rich...but that’s another issue.

My kids are the same way. We have never watched a team sport on TV in this house other than the Ameriaca’s Cup. That’s sailing and we love to sail. Our view on balls is...why fight over it, go to Walmart and buy your own.

So what about you? Are you a sports enthusiast and I don’t mean just pro sports but do you care if Michigan beats Ohio State? If the local college beats the other local college? Do you own a team shirt? Listen on the radio while driving and try and get home to see the game?

And how did you get to be a sports fan?

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