Thursday, April 6, 2017

Photo Collages and Memories

by Karen Rose Smith

Many moons ago I worked with Home Interiors & Gifts.  I'd always enjoyed decorating and coordinating colors.  I was invited into women's homes to help them plan their wall decor as well as sell groupings to their friends.  These gatherings were parties in home decorating.

However, as I've decorated our own home, I find I now turn to decor that has meaning to me.  Instead of just filling a wall with a print or sconces, I began using photo collages in groupings.

I began putting collages together after my mom died.  It was a way for me to wade through grief by remembering good times.  Sometimes the collages have a theme--black and white photos, photos of just my mom and dad, photos of our immediate family, photos of a meaningful vacation, photos of friends, photos of our cats. Other times I coordinate photos in a particular time period.

Sometimes I arrange photos in a collage that fits with room decor.  Other times I choose a fun frame that adds color to a wall.  I decided a blank wall down to the basement wasn't as much fun as having memories on it!  In this case, I chose a photo collage print from an online photo website. My husband and I took a research trip to the Grand Canyon.  I want to remember that wonder and the awe and time we shared there as long as I can. 

I've found saving photos in an album--and we had years of them of our son growing up--is only meaningful if I pull the albums from a closet and go through them.  Keeping them on the computer now doesn't serve a purpose unless I actually bring the photos to the screen and look at them.  The photo collages give me bits of memories all over the house.

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