Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Me the Mouse and Two Cats

There are several things wrong with this title. Me and the mouse in the same sentence is totally squeal time. Mice outside fine...that’s their territory. Mice in my house, heck no!! This is me territory.

But the really wrong thing with this title is the last part the cat part. How can there be a mouse in the house running freely and terrorizing the owner when there are two lazy cats sitting on their lazy butts eating my food and sleeping in my bed and doing nothing.

Fat cats don’t hunt is sooooo true.

Do I ask them to vacuum, dust, do laundry? No! (Actually I do but it gets drowned out in brains by all the laughing)

I take you to the vet I told them, I feed you the good food that costs more then my food, I pet you, de-flea you, give you the comfy blankets and pillows and most of the bed to sleep on and yet...

So now it’s up to me to get rid of the mice. Animals are amazing and killing them, even one that is holding me hostage in my own house, is not something I want to do. Sooooo, that means a catch and release trap. That sounds good until you realize you have to then pick up the contraption with the mouse inside, carry it some distance then open the door so it can get out!!

You can probably hear me screeching all the way from my house to yours. But I did it as bashing in a mouse’s brains is just too sad.
So here is what I bought and I have to tell you it works!!!!!!!! 

As for the carrying part I have extra long tongs that I pick the box up in, carry it very carefully as the thought of dropping the box and the mouse escaping back into my house is simply a nightmare.
I carry the box to the end of the property and flip up the little door with my fingernail and the mouse is out!! Much to my joy and mouse’s. 

So my question today is... Have you ever had a mouse in your house and do you have cats and did you give them the get off your fat butts lecture. And since they probably laughed at you too how did you get rid of your mouse!

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