Wednesday, April 5, 2017 you care?

Hi, Duffy Brown here.

I not only write about a consignment shop, I work there as well. They say write what you know and I did. J I love working at the Snoot, only do it part-time and have been at it for over teeny-five years.

Before working at the Snoot I had no idea what designer clothes were, at least for adult. I have four kids and for me designer was Stride Rite shoes for my kid’s feet and if they Rothchild coat if I found it on sale. 

Yep, kids first.

But since I’ve been working at the Snooty Fox I’ve been introduced to some really lovely designers. LuLu Lemon makes amazing workout clothes that are nice to run around in as well as work out in. Athleta is the same. North Face makes amazing jackets as does Patagonia. Escada and St. John’s makes amazing women’s clothes and anything from Anthropology is adorable.

This week the Snoot is having their designer sale. Only have it twice a year and only at the store I work in. This is a lot of work for us at the store but the customers get 50% off the designer clothes.

This makes the usually good deal at the Snoot a great deal! You can get a nice Coach bag for $45, a cute Kate Spade bag for $55. If you’ve ever priced these bags in Macy’s etc you know what a great deal this is. I just got this adorable bag below at the Snoot for $60 bucks. I love it and would never spend the $300+ for it retail.

So my question to you today is, do you care who’s name is on your purse? In your workout gear? On your feet? Do you shop deals for designer clothes?

Happy shopping.
Hugs, Duffy  

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