Thursday, April 27, 2017

Are Family Games Obsolete???

by Karen Rose Smith

We have always enjoyed family games...from cards to board games to any that will bring us together to laugh and talk.  When our son was small, we had a family game night once a week.  He could choose whatever game he'd like to play. Often the game of LIFE or FLINCH was his first choice.  When we went on camping trips, we played MILLE BORNES to pass camper time in the evenings.

With my in-laws we played 500, PITCH and lots of JEOPARDY.  As our son grew older, our games were more in groups with friends. PICTIONARY was a favorite.  TRIVIAL PURSUIT was big back then and we even played that with our neighbors.  APPLES to APPLES was a huge hit with my best friend's daughter and DOMINOES worked with any group.

Now our game playing is mostly centered around New Year's Eve.  We have a party each year and invite my college roommate and her husband as well as my son's friends and our neighbors. SCATTERGORIES is a top pick in this group along with TABOO. If kids are around that night, they like to play MANCALA.

Many of you know that I'm an avid cat lover.  My newest addition to our game shelf is CAT-OPOLY.  We haven't tried it yet but hope to do that soon.

I hope all your game playing results in laughter and conversation that might have been missed if you hadn't played the game.  


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