Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Things you learn when you don’t expect to learn anything

Okay, I admit it I’m a self-proclaimed Gilmore Girl junkie.

I’ve watched the episodes so many times I can probably recite the dialogue by heart or at least I know a lot of the great lines like If you’re going to throw your life away be sure he has a motorcycle.

I cried when Rory graduated from Chilton, cried when Sookie got married and laughed when Kirk crashed the car into Luke’s diner.
When Lorelei got engaged to Max he sent her a thousand yellow daisies because she said an engagement should be special. When my daughter got engaged I left her bunches and bunches of yellow daisies because I agree that an engagement should be special. There weren’t a thousand but a lot and she got the message as she’s a Gilmore junkie too.

I’ve not only been entertained by the Gilmore Girls but learned
stuff like you have to let you kids do their own thing even though you think...Have you lost your mind! And that you should never argue with your children, it’s just now worth the heartache. Actually I learned that from Maggie Smith on Downton Abby and it is soooooo true!

I also learned from Gilmore Girls that I’m not the only coffee crazy person out there, that dreams do come true and having a best friend, especially if it’s your daughter, is more precious than all the money in the word.

I also learned something really, really useful from Rory. Making a pro/con list really works. When I have a decision to make I now write down the pros and cons and see where it takes me. The pro/con list doesn’t lie.

So what about you? Have your ever learned something from a TV series or movie that you brought into your own life and it work? Maybe a tradition that you picked up and tried out?

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