Thursday, March 30, 2017

Quilts, Home and Family

by Karen Rose Smith

I am doing research on quilts for my second Daisy's Tea Garden mystery set in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania--MURDER WITH CINNAMON SCONES.

But my interest in quilts began many years ago when an Amish woman crafted one for my mother. I still use it today. The stitching and handwork is beautiful.

During my research visits to Amish country in Lancaster, I recognized the most popular designs--Sunshine and Shadows, Log Cabin, Wedding Ring and Star. But there are so many others--Jacob's Ladder, Bars, Tumbling Blocks, Pinwheel and Double Wedding Ring, to name a few.

A special type of quilt is an "Album Quilt."  This is a quilt that the the stitching is particularly intricate and it tells a story of one person's life or of a generation's history.  Each block signifies a significant even in life.  It could be a quilt a grandmother begins for a grandchild when she is born. Each milestone in her life would have a symbol up to her wedding day.  Then it would be a wedding present.  The antique album quilts are much sought after and sell at auctions for a hefty price.

Quilts have an ambiance of their own. They seem to go with cozy nights, home hearth and family.

A friend made me this modern-type quilt featuring some of my book covers. I treasure it.

Quilts also give comfort.  They bring back memories of a slower time, caring when I was sick, family time on a winter evening while we watched TV.

Do you use quilts in your home?  Do you quilt?

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