Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Planning the Family Reunion...

Its time to plan for the summer and that includes Family Reunions. I’d like to do this every year but the planning gets crazy and like they say, getting that many people together and agreeing on a spot is like herding cats.

But you do have to plan early to reserve the location and so people will put it on their calendar or some even plan their vacation around the reunion if we have it in some neat destination.

This is the year for our family and it’s a dandy. My husband was one of 8 kids and they each had four kids and now their kids are having big families too. There will be a ton of people at this reunion!

We all bring food and have one massive potluck dinner. That is one of the things I love best because it gets everyone talking. Sometimes we don’t really see each other for years and this is a great way to pick up where we left off. 

And I have to say I just love reunions. The kids change so much and are off to schools, getting married or having adventures. Some of the families have matching t-shirts, some have matching hats. One year we had matching bandanas. That was fun and different.

Of course the family is not always growing we lose people too. If you can think of one positive from that it’s that losing someone makes you appreciate the family all the more. We realize we will not all be together forever.

So what about you? Is your family planning a reunion this year? Will they come from all over or are you mostly in town?

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