Thursday, March 16, 2017

One Teapot or Two?

by Karen Rose Smith

Do you drink brewed tea? I keep a cupboard full of several different kinds--from Celestial Seasonings to Bigelow to Teavana and tearoom mixed loose teas. Hot or cold, I brew depending on the season. The thing is--I not only like tea, but tea pots! After all, there's a difference if I brew two cups of tea or six cups. The teapot pictured above is my latest from Lenox. It accompanies my Butterfly Meadow dishes.

Some of my favorite teapots are designed by James Sandler.  They are English bone china. I like to use bone china because I know it's the quality I prefer in a teapot.  I do hand wash them all after use.

I use teapots for brewing tea.  But because they're so pretty, I also use them in decorating. I like flowers, especially roses.

However, I also love cats.  I've discovered cats on teapots aren't so easy to find.  My son gave me this one for Christmas.

Then there's tea for one!

But tea seems to taste better when it's shared. So far, one of my favorite tea rooms is Gypsy's Tea Room in Westminster, Maryland. I also enjoy the semi-annual teas at Yesteryear, our Hanover, Pennsylvania antique center. I like tasting new teas, along with new soups, sandwich combinations and, of course, desserts. It seems there are always friendly people at the teas. At Gypsy's, I met a woman who runs a cat sanctuary. Serendipity! At Yesteryear the seating is in groups of four and my husband and I always enjoy the new people we meet there.

I've paired this cobalt blue teapot with an antique creamer and sugar that was my grandmother's.  

About tea and tea rooms...

I will have a new cozy mystery series released in January 2018--Daisy's Tea Garden Mysteries. This series is set in the fictional town of Willow Creek in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The first book in the series will be MURDER WITH LEMON TEA CAKES.

Daisy's Tea Garden has become a gathering place in Willow Creek, (Lancaster County) Pennsylvania. Daisy, widowed mom of two teenagers--one at home and one who recently started college--along with her aunt Iris, are the proprietors. Although her aunt is in her golden years, she's enjoying the company of Harvey Fitz, wealthy CEO of Men's Trends.  (Harvey's favorite snack at the tea garden are Lemon Tea Cakes.) The only problem is that Harvey isn't yet divorced.  When Harvey is murdered on the tea garden's patio with a foot-high unicorn statue, Aunt Iris is the prime suspect.  But Daisy soon discovers many residents of Willow Creek are suspects--from Harvey's soon to be ex-wife, to his children to his business colleagues.  Daisy's focus has to be on her adopted daughter Jazzi (Jasmine) who wants to search for her birth parents.  But with the help of a former detective turned furniture store owner, Jonas Groft, she finds answers for both her daughter and her aunt. (Daisy lives in an unusual home renovated from an old barn along with her daughters Jasmine (16) and Violet (18).  Their two cats, a tuxedo feline named Pepper and a dark tortoiseshell with a unique split colored face named Marjoram, are important members of their family.)

I hope you enjoy this new series as well as all of my Caprice De Luca Home Staging cozies.

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