Wednesday, March 29, 2017

No Boys Allowed!

It’s spring and we are all dying of cabin-fever so a friend of mine suggested we do a girl’s trip! Take off for a few days, just the gals, and have some fun.

I have to say this totally works for me. There have been a few suggestions of Las Vegas, Nashville, NYC, New Orleans. I’m all for the New Orleans idea. I’ve never been, always wanted to go, it’s warm and they have ghosts and voodoo and great food. Hey, what’s not to like!

And the girl thing sounds amazing. Don’t get me wrong, guys are great but there is just something more relaxing with just us gals. We can talk girl things like getting older, saggy boobs, flabby butt, new clothes, old hair, get the idea.

And then there’s the shopping. Sweet mother, going shopping with a man is just not right. Guys know what they want, go into the store, buy said item and leave. Really? That is not shopping that’s running an errand. Shopping takes hours interrupted by lunch and a coffee stop and a dessert stop and maybe a wine stop.

And then there’s what to watch? When the guys are around it’s some adventure, shoot-em-up cop thing. The girls watch Love Actually for the millionth time, or just sit and talk and never even know what’s on the blasted TV.

And then there’s where to eat. Men what burgers and steak and whole cow over an open flame. The girls go for some salad place or fish or that new pasta place on the corner.

So what about you? Have you ever done the girl’s getaway
weekend? Did you love it? And where did you go?

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