Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Movie Time

by Maggie Sefton

Yes, it's that time again, everyone----no, I don't mean Income Tax Time, even though that's also true.  I mean it's time for another Movie update on some of the films I've seen in my rounds of the local cinemas.  I was out of the theaters the weekend before last, but I was able to catch a movie this past weekend.   Hopefully some of these films will be playing somewhere in your area.

The movie I saw this past weekend was one that was on my list from the moment it appeared in theatres---A DOG'S PURPOSE.  Definitely for animal lovers.  It's a great story and told through the doggy narrator who describes the several lives he's experienced and all the dramatic and funny happenings in each one.  And, yes, I definitely shed some tears, so I had my tissues handy.  I'm a big softie with animal movies.   That wonderful movie a few years ago, WAR HORSE, just put me through the wringer.  :)  Saw it at least twice.  See?  A big softie.  But, A DOG'S PURPOSE is easier on the viewers, so check it out.

PATRIOT'S DAY----This is one heckuva movie, folks.  True to life, unfortunately.  It's the story of some of the people---real and dramatized---who experienced that horrific day in 2013 at the Boston Marathon  when two bombs were placed in the midst of race watchers along the sidewalk.  Mark Wahlberg plays a Boston cop who was on duty that day and watched the explosions and joined other Boston police as they hunted down the bomber.  And caught one of them.   Non-stop action in this one, folks.

LION----This is another story that is based on actual events.  A little five-year old boy named Saroo gets lost on a train and finds himself traveling thousands of miles across India, far from his home and family.  He winds up in Kolkata (Calcutta) where he doesn't even speak the dialect.  He has to learn to survive alone until he fortunately is adopted by a loving Australian couple.  Twenty-five years later, he returns on a quest to find his original family even though he only has a few old memories to guide him.  This is another great movie, everyone.  I can heartily recommend it.   Have you folks seen any of these films?    

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