Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Love it or List it...

 In Lethal in Old Lace Reagan and Boone are expanding Cherry House, the old Victorian house Reagan’s always loved, bought, fixed up and the only good thing to come out of her seven year marriage to Hollis the Horrible.

Reagan then opened the Prissy Fox on the first floor, an upscale consignment shop, to help make ends meet for her moneypit of a house.

 Boone took a bite of sandwich, the yummy sauce dripping off his fingertips. “What about this, I’ll buy half of the house, you put my name on the deed so I don’t feel like a kept man and we use that money to pay for the rehabbing. Turning the attic space into bedrooms and below into the kitchen, dining area, laundry and living room,” he pointed through the hole and dropped a chunk of meatloaf to BW, “is a huge job and needs professionals. You and I can paint and decorate but there’s rot up here that needs big-time attention.”

I stopped my fork halfway to my mouth. “You’ve thought about this?”
“We only do this if you agree, it’s your house and you love it and this way you keep the Fox on the first floor. It’s an easy commute.”

Putting on additions, adding another room, taking down a wall, redoing bathroom or kitchen etc are all normal parts of owning a home. Things need to be updated and fixed and as time goes by and families grow the house needs to be added on too.

We added an addition to the back of our house. It’s a three-season room with a gas stove for heat. The stove is an antique we saved from my grandfather’s bar and grill that he and grandma owned around the 20’s and 30’s. Lots of memories there.

We love this room! Lots of windows and a opens up into our family room for added space for when the fan gets together.

We also knocked down the wall between the kitchen and dining room to connect the two and open things up. It turned out great. Now we eat in the dining room all the time but the opening up part is so nice.

So what about you? Have you ever done major reno to your house? Knocked down walls, redo bathrooms and kitchens etc. Did you have it done or do it yourself? Did you nearly die from the mess and having the house torn up?

Hugs and happy spring.


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