Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fun Shopping

by Maggie Sefton

 Photos show some of  my fun Saint Patrick's Day shopping.  

Those of you who have elementary school children or grandchildren will understand
 my post today.  I have a dear 10-year old granddaughter back in Northern Virginia, AnaSofia, and I do enjoy buying "kid stuff" for her.  But this year, I also have the opportunity to buy Saint Patrick's Day "fun stuff" for three more young children.   Yay! 

In addition to my 10-year old AnaSofia, I also shopped for a five-year old little girl, a seven-year old little girl, and an 11-turned 12 year old boy.  I had a lot of fun doing that Saint Patrick's Day shopping, believe me.  I really believe I have never lost my "inner child."  So----I love checking out all the cute, silly, and funny St. Paddy's Day "stuff."  I mailed off two large post office Priority Mail boxes for the larger family as well as a large box for AnaSofia.

Sorry this photo is sideways.  My photo-editing icon stopped cooperating last night.  

I found a really cute St. Patrick's Day card (copyright laws prevent my showing pix) with a photo of a  chubby Pug doggie with a Sherlock Holmes hat on the front of the card.  Plus, an adorable kitten card.  Cute message inside, too.  :)    Plus, Shamrock stickers.   I also found pretty little Shamrock Green play necklaces and hair bows, knitted wrist bands, several pastel colored adorable stuffed bunny rabbits, Peppermint-flavored cake mix, and a container of . . .you guessed it. . . Shamrock Green frosting.  And for good measure, some of the bakery's yummy Chocolate soft cookies that have green and white M& Ms all over them.  Yep.  Candy-coated cookies.  You've gotta love it.  Oh, yes, and a booklet of all kinds of Disney Princess stickers and coloring pages, as well as a booklet of Yoda and Star Wars villains and heroes.  I also found two packages of those little cars that all kids love to play with.  Oh, and a magazine all about cars, all kinds of cars.  

See?  I wasn't kidding when I said I had a lot of fun.  :)

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