Thursday, March 9, 2017

Friendship and Lunch

by Karen Rose Smith

As a writer, I sometimes forget there is a whole world outside of the ones I create in my mysteries and romances.  Friends are the best way for me to de-stress, share a meal, and talk about everything we both care about. 

This was a banner week for me for this type of de-stressing.  On Saturday I had a birthday dinner for my bff and her teenage daughter.  Conversation included fashion, healthy food, desserts and summer plans.  On Sunday my hubby (he is my bff too) went shopping with me and we stopped at my favorite hometown restaurant for lunch.  Since we've been married 45 years, any and all subjects are on the table from politics to cat care.  On Monday, a writer friend and I had lunch.  We had a deli buffet and she brought dessert--tiramisu.  Donna and I have known each other for about twenty years.  We aren't in the same town so we Skype now and then.  But I look forward to face-to-face conversations.

Donna has a cat and a fairly new pup and I'm a cat mom to four inside cats and two strays.  So our conversation usually starts with that.  The publishing industry is always a subject we delve into--what promotion works and what doesn't, changes in social media, and trends that might be popular today but not tomorrow.  We also discuss the challenges of plotting and day to day writing.  Donna is a beta reader for my mysteries and I trust her judgement.  She writes western historical fiction and historical mysteries.  But our different styles and genres add spice to our discussions.

Food and friends seem to go together.  Is that because we're more relaxed when we eat, drink coffee and tea and sometimes share a luscious dessert?  

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