Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dry As A Bone

by Maggie Sefton

This is a formerly-posted photo when I took half Border Collie/half Black Lab Katy to the Vet's office. Katy is now twelve years old.  

That was one of my dear maternal grandmother's old sayings.  Of course, she was born and grew up in Virginia where there is a mild mid-Atlantic climate with plenty of humidity.  So. . .I figure she was not talking about the weather.  As for me, here in Northern Colorado, well, we're going through one of our winter droughts.

Thank goodness they only come around every five or six years.  But when they do, the rain disappears after the end of January or as in this year, the middle of February.   We haven't had any rain since then.  And temperatures have been beautifully warm and sunny, sunny, sunny.  In the 70's.  Those of you who live in frigid cold and humid areas are probably throwing things at the computer screen right now.  Believe me, I'm not complaining.  I absolutely love, love the climate here.  It literally spoils you rotten.  But---if one of these dry winters rolls around---you do have to take precautions.  Super rich body creams and lotions for your skin----not just face but all over.  Including your hair and scalp.  

This includes your pets.  I just took my dog Katy over to the groomers to have a special shampoo and blow dry and long brush out.  Because of our early Spring, all the doggies around here have started shedding their thick winter coats.  So, Katy is enjoying being pampered at the groomers right now.  I'll run over to get her after I finish this post.  Meanwhile, I'm seriously considering ordering some of that advertised rich product to be added to both dogs' dry food.  It's supposed to add lots of ingredients that are good for a dog's skin and coat.  I figure I'll give it a try.   Believe me, folks, I'll report back to you.

Have any of you experienced this dryness problem with yourselves or your pets?   I'm curious.  

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